Page.ly is 2years and we are celebrating all month long.  Last week we ran a special offer thanking our existing customers. We also gave away a year free hosting and some T-shirts to these 3 lucky customers just for wishing us a happy birthday: Lisa League (@agirlandaMac) Jason K. (@JLKISAOK) Tony Fleming (@technicalbeat) New Customer Special We have not had an active promo code in many many months, however this week we are offering an insane deal for new customers…. Read It


I don’t fancy myself a developer or a sysadmin. I pay people far more talented than me to wear those titles. However I do consider myself a steadfast hacker, CEO, customer support agent, biz dev, janitor, bookeeper….etc… Entrepreneur. Our managed WordPress hosting service Page.ly, will be 2 years old in September. We have bootstrapped this bad boy from 1 server to 26. From our first 100 customers I knew by name, to thousands that include universities, SV based startups, Fortune 500’s, state and local… Read It

Modern Meeting Standard

Corporate types will tell you meetings are a necessary evil. Solo freelancers will tell you meetings are cancerous. Al Pittampalli will tell you that we have too many meetings and far too many bad meetings. While technology has certainly helped reduce the amount of required, face-to-face interactions, there is no way for most people to avoid getting together with colleagues to discuss business decisions. Pittampalli acknowledges that in his new book Read This Before Our Next Meeting (free on Kindle… Read It

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Joshua Strebel

This is not our El Chupacabra Luchador, but possibly an adoring fan making a tribute video. Either way it is the most awesome thing ever to grace the interwebz. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfYSwlnqOQI[/youtube]


Joshua Strebel

Pleased to announce that we have added a new team member. El Vaquero Furioso will be leading customer support for the most part thru our Zendesk instance. When we went looking for a WordPress stud to help us with support part time, we did not have to look far. But this guy is extra special and has the the perfect demeanor for the job.   So lets recap. Until 8 weeks ago we were a company of 2. We crushed it with… Read It


Joshua Strebel

Today Zendesk announced their new WordPress integration plugin. We got an early sneak peek at the plugin a few days ago and took it for a spin. What is Zendesk? Zendesk is a help desk service that allows you to manage support tickets. Here at page.ly we use Zendesk exclusively for our customer support. Show me the plugin. We took the plugin for a spin last week and we are real impressed with it. One handy feature is a list… Read It

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Tyler Hurst

Good writing evokes emotion. Good writing connects things. Good writing tells a story that the reader can relate to. Too often, writers only judge themselves against other writers. Those with better vocabularies and slicker prose seem, by all technical accounts, to be the best of the group. It’s enough to think that good writing, and becoming a good writer, requires formal education. This is wrong. Good writers don’t necessarily quote Shakespeare, nor do they use four- and five-syllable words. They… Read It

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Joshua Strebel

Around this time in 2009 Sally and I made the decision to wipe the dust off a project we had started a few years prior. In 2006 We had created and launched a “website builder” tool based on WordPress. It setup WP sites for clients in an easy two minute process. Sound familiar? Things were a little different back then in terms of online word-of-mouth marketing (pre-twitter/pre-facebook) and it was slow to get going. After about 30 customers or so we… Read It

We have been working diligently over the last few weeks to prepare a new look for our website and service. Our goal was to “tighten” the brand and design. As we developed the service over the last 18months our messaging and design has evolved, sometimes in different directions that left the current site (I feel anyways) in a disjointed place. Also of note the site will be powered by WordPress with our vertical platform bolted on the back for the… Read It


This is one of the first of many posts in which we will be profiling the heavy hitters of the WordPress community. Who are the people behind your favorite plugins and themes? What makes them tick? Why are they awesome? And what sort of things are they working on for the future? Inquiring minds want to know. John James Jacoby Tag line: Go Voltron Force! Knock Outs: Lead Developer for BuddyPress and bbPress Plugin Power Move: wikki wikki wikki Training Facilities: johnjamesjacoby.com, BuddyPress.org I‘ve heard… Read It

For our 1st Birthday we decided to give away some presents including 2 iPads, 5 free for life accounts, and 2 $25 iTunes gift cards. We received many quality entries and the decision making process has not been easy. I know that many of you have spent a lot of time putting together your submissions and I genuinely thank you for taking the time.  Did I mention that this is not easy. I don’t want to let anyone down but… Read It

It’s been a year since we started this journey to create a Managed WordPress Hosting service that would set a new standard for what customers should expect from their WordPress Host. I’d like to think we set the bar pretty high. We are about to out do ourselves. Next week we will announcing a new offering by page.ly that will turn a few heads and more importantly enable a much wider base of partners and their customers to leverage our… Read It


Joshua Strebel

Woot! All page.ly websites will be auto upgraded next week sometime after the 3.1 release likely. You may of course upgrade your self through the admin panel now.  Be sure to read our policy on 3.0 Multisite. Before you upgrade on your own you should: Update all your plugins Disable all your plugins Upgrade WordPress Enable plugins 1by 1 and check the site to make sure it is not whitescreened It’s not WP3.0 fault, some plugins are just slow to… Read It