Read this for a good primer on a lean startups. It’s all well and good, and concepts we subscribe to. However in the context of this post, I’ll equate lean to bootstrapping – or the efficient use of resources. How did evolve from a 2 person bootstrapped company with an idea in 2009, into a 2 person bootstrapped company that is the market innovator, market leader, profitable, and serving thousands of customers in early 2011? is a set of systems. Adding… Read It

Our ENTIRE business is built around WordPress. We were the first and of course still the most baller pair of long haired hipsters to develop a suite of specialized deployment, upgrade, and secure hosting solutions for this amazing bit of software. And we are thankful for the success and the opportunity. As a token of our appreciation we will donate a small percentage of all new signup revenue in the month of February to the recently created WordPress Foundation. The point… Read It