Joshua Strebel


After pwning most of Europe & North Africa, and crowning himself Emperor the decade prior #winning, Napoleon marched his army across Europe to invade Russia in the summer of 1812. His ass was literally handed to him a few months later as the bitter cold Russian winter set in. See the Russian army strategically retreated further and further into the interior of Russia, drawing the French army in and extending their supply lines across Europe. 480,000 frozen and dead or captured French soliders later, Napoleon retreated… Read It

Read this for a good primer on a lean startups. It’s all well and good, and concepts we subscribe to. However in the context of this post, I’ll equate lean to bootstrapping – or the efficient use of resources. How did page.ly evolve from a 2 person bootstrapped company with an idea in 2009, into a 2 person bootstrapped company that is the market innovator, market leader, profitable, and serving thousands of customers in early 2011? Page.ly is a set of systems. Adding… Read It